Saturday, August 6, 2011

Canon 7D: Preparing .MOV files for editing

After significant research and trying several solutions, I found the ideal solution to work with .MOV files from the Canon 7D.
The Canon 7D records video files are in the .MOV format with image data: H.264 and audio: Linear PCM.

I have tried to work/edit the native files straight out the Canon 7D, however I learned that the .MOV files with H.264 which are of excellent quality are not in a format ideal for editing to prepare HD files to be uploaded to YouTube or to the iPad for example.

First lesson: You must convert your native Canon 7D .MOV files

The camera format of the Canon 7D was designed to achieve high quality recording not editing. The key is to find the right conversion tool in order you don't lose the quality of the excellent footage of the Canon 7D.

Second lesson: Use the right tool to convert native files of the Canon 7D
NeoScene from CineForm Hollywood producers provide a smooth editing for the Canon 5DMkII and the Canon 7D, with this tool you can create the file you need for both windows or mac with the quality needed for professional editing..

Once you converted your .MOV files now you can use them in you favorite editing software. In Windows I use "Vegas Studio HD Platinum 11" in the Mac "Final Cut Pro"