Wednesday, March 3, 2010

From a G9 to a 7D

For a couple of years I used a Canon G9, I just love this camera, with it I gained the desire to take greater control of the artistic side of photography, bit by bit I began to use the manual controls of this camera, of course soon I wanted to have better quality and aditional features that the Canon G9 could not offer.

I knew if I was going to move to another level I needed another camera, but DSLR's look so bulky, I could see myself going around with with such a big camera, than four-thirds came along and in particular the Panasonic GF1, I explored every feature of this camera and for sometime I thought it would be my solution. The price tag and some missing features (like image stabilization) kept me away from a purchase.

The 7D was a big step upwards from the G9 and it was a bulky camera. I study every review online, I looked at costs not only of the body but also of lens, I checked customer satisfaction reports, etc. Video was very important to me in a camera and the 7D could provide quite an improvement in that area.

In the end I decided to keep my G9 as a pocket camera and the 7D for the quality I was looking for! I do not regret the decision.

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